Dig Into Reading

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2013 Dig Into Reading
Library Programs

Attract a crowd to your Library 2013 Dig Into Reading Program with DINOSAURS ROCK shows or activity supplies.

What child wouldn't like the opportunity to dig for (and take home) genuine fossils, gemstones, pan or golden pyrite or open a crystal-filled geode to take home.

Let DINOSAURS ROCK help you create excitement around Dig Into Reading!

Dig Into ReadingDig Into ReadingDig Into ReadingDig Into Reading
Dig Into Reading Dig Into Reading Dig Into Reading Dig Into Reading

Option 1 - If you are in NY, NJ, CT, CA, TX, parts of PA, MD, VA, RI, MA, book DINOSAURS ROCK for an amazing interactive show, complete with giant Museum exhibit of dinosaur, fossil & mineral specimens, plus fossil dig or panning, sure to delight families.

Option 2 - Nationwide, order great activity supplies on-line a
Dinosaurs Rock SuperStore 
fantastic dig or excavation kits, panning supplies, bulk fossils and minerals by the lb, geodes and more - complete with easy-to-follow instructions to create your own "dig" activities
and special events.

Dig Into Reading

Dig Into Reading
Dig Into Reading

Working on DINOSAURS ROCK exclusive Excavation Block with over 200 specimens to dig out and keep.

After a fun reading on Dinosaurs, Rocks & Gems,
Digging for Gold, or Ancient Egypt, why not have the kids actually act as paleontologists
or archeaologists on a real dig?

Dig Into ReadingDig Into ReadingDig Into Reading

With over 14 years experience in schools, parties, major Museum Events and fossil digs, you can count on DINOSAURS ROCK to deliver a high quality show and the best products on the market
to make your event most memorable.

Get the supplies you need or book a DINOSAURS ROCK show.
an amazing "2013 Dig-Into-Reading" Event at your Library.

Call us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466)